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La PICaPICA: 109 km - 11500m D+

The Legendary PICaPICA – 109km, with more than 11,500m of elevation gain.

The PICaPICA is a challenge set by mountaineers for mountaineers.

The route, devised by the last victor of EUFORIA in Andorra (233km/20,000 ascent), Nahuel Passerat, is very demanding and requires training adapted to altitude..

The best competitors will take practically a whole day to finish the race.

Here are some key statistics to enable you to envisage the race.


Profil PICaPICA 2023

Technical data

- 109 km and 11500 M of elevation gain

- 4 summits at 3000 m

- 4 mountain Refuges

- 20 lakes

- 10 refreshment points

- 700 volunteers 

Start 18/08/2023 at 5h



The PICaPICA in 3D

road book

Détails de la PICaPICA

 Track GPS

fallback routes

Conditions of registration

- To have completed at least 1 race with more than 8000 m altitude difference in the 2 years preceding the departure


-To prove your knowledge of the field in day time as in night time and a great experience in high mountains environment. A written application must be submitted to the race committee which will decide on a case-by-case analysis to validate the registration or not.

mandatory equipment

  • - The bib with the number must be worn in a very visible manner throughout the race. Same thing for the control system provided by the organization.
  • - A GPS, a GPS watch or a smartphone with the GPS track of the race and the fallback routes, to be downloaded on the site of the race.
  • - A bag large enough to carry the mandatory material.
  • - 2 headlamps or lighting torches with spare batteries.
  • - 2 survival blankets with minimum dimensions of 1.4m by 2m.
  • - 1 water reserve of at least 1.5 liters.
  • - 1 whistle.
  • - 1 anorak or down jacket.
  • - 1 waterproof rain jacket with hood and thermo-welded seams.
  • - 1 "second skin" warm clothing with long sleeves in technical fabric adapted to the environment.
  • - 1 long tights.
  • - 1 waterproof over-trousers.
  • - 1 pair of gloves.
  • - 1 adhesive elastic band allowing bandaging / strapping with a minimum length of 2.50 m and 6 cm wide.
  • - 1 protection of the head covering the ears (cap type, choker allowed).
  • - 1 food reserve sufficient to reach the food supply points.
  • - 1 eco mug / cup, reusable: there will be no cups at the supply points (eco responsible action).
  • - 1 mobile phone in working order to be reachable during the race. Include the organization's numbers in your phone, do not call in masked numbers, keep your phone turned on.
  • - 1 identity card.
  • - 1 road book of the race (in pdf, photo or paper format).

recommended equipment

  • - sun protection cream
  • - anti-heat cream
  • - water purification tablets
  • - external battery
  • - fleece jacket
  • - walking sticks
  • - shoe cleats in case of snow passages in the race
  • - lighter
  • - flashing red rear lamp 
  • - cap
  • - sunglasses
  • - knife


In order to further improve the security of each PICaPICA participant, we have implemented a Pacer system. From the second pass to the base camp of Soulcem (km 67), the competitors who wish it will be able to benefit from an accompanying person to help them to finish the race.

The Pacer's role is to share the adventure with his/her partner, to secure him/her, to guide him/her, to give him/her psychological support by keeping him/her company. He/She must always be with his/her partner.

The pacer will have access to food supply points and post-race meals but he/she will not be ranked. He/She will be able to leave or join his /her teammate only at a supply point.

He/She must have the same mandatory equipment as the PICaPICA runners.

The part of the race which is concerned is 43 km long with about 4000m + and 5000m- altitude difference and 4 peaks over 3000m altitude.

It is therefore important that each Pacer is able to perform such a distance.

There will be only 50 "Pacer" bibs available.