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Discover the rules, equipment obligations, and all the essential information you will need to participate in the Montcalm Marathon.



1. The Montcalm Challenge races

  • The Montcalm Marathon
  • The Novis Trail
  • The Miners Trail
  • VK – Vertical Kilometer
  • Mountain Hiking
  • Animations for the Children

The races are organized by the CAP Montcalm association.


2. Registration

Any registration, to be validated, must be accompanied by a medical certificate less than 1 year old on the day of the race or the copy of a license (FFA, FSCF-FSGT, UFOLEP). On the certificate or license must appear by any means the mention "Approval for the practice of athletics in competition or running in competition" (in accordance with L. 231-3 of the Sports Code) in order to be allowed to take the start of the Montcalm races.

For mountain hiking, it is necessary to have a hiking license (FFRP-FFME) or a “carte neige” or a medical certificate less than 1 year old with the mention "Approval for the practice of running in competition ".

The same rules apply to both French competitors and foreign competitors.

No bib exchange is allowed unless approved by the organization.

Admission requirements specific to PICaPICA

- To have completed at least 1 race with more than 8000 m altitude difference in the 2 years preceding the departure


-To prove your knowledge of the field in day time as in night time and a great experience in high mountains environment. A written application must be submitted to the race committee which will decide on a case-by-case analysis to validate the registration or not.

This race has many difficulties (important altitude difference, very technical and / or vertiginous sections) so it is reserved for people trained in this type of effort and having a very good physical condition.

Moreover, these people will have to be fully aware of the difficulty and the dangers of this type of race. An understanding of the mountain environment and in particular of the conditions of life in high mountains are necessary and essential.

Trailers should be prepared to face extreme conditions (as can be found in high mountains) and severe weather conditions. They have to provide a list of people to contact in case of emergency and be aware of the difficulty of the event in which they engage into.

It is strongly recommended to recognize the race in advance.

The number of participants is limited for each event: 500 for the Montcalm Marathon and 250 for the PICaPICA.

Increase in registration fees after July 1st, second increase after August 1st.

The registration deadline is August 1st for PICaPICA.

Internet registrations will be closed on August 11th for the other races.

On-site registration will be possible subject to availability.

The organization reserves the right to issue wild cards.

Any registration not accompanied by a medical certificate valid on the date of the race will not be validated.

The organization assumes no responsibility in case of presentation of falsified documents.

It strongly encourages future participants to be evaluated in advance on their abilities by qualified medical staff (e. g. sports medicine doctors).

In case of cancellation by the runner, the organization does not refund the registration fees but can on request transfer them to the next edition.


In order to further improve the security of each PICaPICA participant, we have implemented a Pacer system. From the second pass to the base camp of Soulcem (km 67), the competitors who wish it will be able to benefit from an accompanying person to help them to finish the race.

The Pacer's role is to share the adventure with his/her partner, to secure him/her, to guide him/her, to give him/her psychological support by keeping him/her company. He/She must always be with his/her partner.

The pacer will have access to food supply points and post-race meals but he/she will not be ranked. He/She will be able to leave or join his /her teammate only at a supply point.

He/She must have the same mandatory equipment as the PICaPICA runners.

The part of the race which is concerned is 43 km long with about 4000m + and 5000m- altitude difference and 4 peaks over 3000m altitude.

It is therefore important that each Pacer is able to perform such a distance.

There will be only 50 "Pacer" bibs available.



Minimum age to participate

For PICaPICA and the Montcalm Marathon: you must be at least in the “espoir” category (born 1998-2000).

For the Novis Trail, (born 1998-2000)

For the Miners Trail and the VK: you must be at least in the “junior” category (born 2001-2002).

For the mountain hiking, minors must provide parental authorization and be accompanied.


Running with a dog is forbidden.

Dogs even on a leash are not allowed to run with their master.

Anti-doping controls 

Anyone who has undergone a positive anti-doping control or refuses a control will not be able to take the start of the race in order to respect the ethics of our adventure. Similarly, anti-doping controls may take place.

Pick up of the bibs

An ID will be required when you pick up the bib for PICaPICA.


3. Abandon

The competitor who abandons must do it MANDATORY at a supply point (except in case of an accident).

He/She must return his/her bib to a volunteer by signing it to validate his/her withdrawal from the race.

Many supply points are located in the high mountains without access by car so if possible, some places should be preferred to abandon. If not, repatriation instructions will be given by the volunteers.

After giving up, it is forbidden to leave the marking of the race without being accompanied by a volunteer and / or runners.

The organization's medical team is entitled to remove the bibs and disqualify any competitor they consider medically unfit to continue the race.


4. Time limits

In order to avoid excessive delays, a time limit for starting from certain supply points will be defined beyond which the competitor will be disqualified. These time limits are very strict for your own safety and that of the volunteers, thank you to follow the instructions which will be given to you if you exceed the time limit.

They are expressed in duration since the start of the race concerned. In the event of a suspension of the race, the initial time barriers will be increased by the duration of the suspension.


Soulcem's base camp (orris du Carla), first pass: 15 hours.

Soulcem's base camp (orris du Carla), second pass: 31 hours.

Lartigue Parking: 40 hours.

To be considered as “finishers”, the runners must cross the finish line in less than 50 hours.

4.2 Montcalm Marathon

Refuge of Pinet: 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Top of Montcalm: 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Lartigue Parking on the way back: 8 hours.

4.3 Novis Trail

Arconac: 2 hours.

4.4 Mountain Hiking

5 hours and 20 minutes at the top of Montcalm.


5. Mandatory equipment


  • The bib with the number must be worn in a very visible manner throughout the race. Same thing for the control system provided by the organization.
  • A GPS, a GPS watch or a smartphone with the GPS track of the race and the fallback routes, to be downloaded on the site of the race.
  • A bag large enough to carry the mandatory material.
  • 2 headlamps or lighting torches with spare batteries.
  • 2 survival blankets with minimum dimensions of 1.4m by 2m.
  • 1 water reserve of at least 1.5 liters.
  • 1 whistle.
  • 1 anorak or down jacket.
  • 1 waterproof rain jacket with hood and thermo-welded seams.
  • 1 "second skin" warm clothing with long sleeves in technical fabric adapted to the environment.
  • 1 long tights.
  • 1 waterproof over-trousers.
  • 1 pair of gloves.
  • 1 adhesive elastic band allowing bandaging / strapping with a minimum length of 2.50 m and 6 cm wide.
  • 1 protection of the head covering the ears (cap type, choker allowed).
  • 1 food reserve sufficient to reach the food supply points.
  • 1 eco mug / cup, reusable: there will be no cups at the supply points (eco responsible action).
  • 1 mobile phone in working order to be reachable during the race. Include the organization's numbers in your phone, do not call in masked numbers, keep your phone turned on.
  • 1 identity card.
  • 1 road book of the race (in pdf, photo or paper format).

Recommended: sun protection cream - anti-heat cream - water purification tablets - external battery – fleece jacket - walking sticks - shoe cleats in case of snow passages in the race - lighter - flashing red rear lamp - cap - sunglasses - knife.

The organization reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the list of mandatory equipment according to the weather conditions. This decision will be announced at the mandatory pre-race briefing.

The mandatory equipment will be checked at the bib delivery and at the starting block of the race.

Unannounced checks may take place at any time during the race.

It is forbidden to change bag during the race.

All clothing that is part of the mandatory equipment must be at the size of the participant.

5.2 Montcalm Marathon, Novis Trail, Miners Trail, VK

Depending on the weather conditions, a list of mandatory materials may be issued by the organization at the race briefing (examples: cap and water reserve in case of hot weather; gloves, cap and jacket in case of bad weather).

Eco mug / cup (reusable): there will be no cups at the supply points (eco responsible action).

A headlamp for mountain hiking.

It is forbidden to run barefoot on all Montcalm Challenge races.


6. Medical check

A quick medical check can be performed during the second passage at the base camp of Soulcem (km 67). It will be an individual interview of a few minutes with a doctor or a medical assistant. Its sole purpose will be to enhance the security of the participants.


7. Security and medical assistance

All competitors must go through all checkpoints and supply points which are also security points.

Rescue stations will be established at various places along the route. They are intended to assist any person in danger with usual means or means specific to the organization. These stations will be in radio or telephone connection with a central medical team in place throughout the duration of the race at the race control station (PC course) located in Auzat.

It will be up to a runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:

- by showing up at a first aid station.

- by calling the race control station (PC course).

- by asking a third party to warn the rescue.

It will be up to each runner to assist any person in danger and to warn the rescue.

A runner using a doctor or a first aid submits to his authority and agrees to accept his decisions. The doctors and official rescuers are in particular entitled:

- to disqualify any competitor unfit to continue the race.

- to evacuate by any means at their convenience the runners they consider to be in danger.

- to hospitalize at their convenience the runners whose state of health will require it.

Expenses resulting from the use of exceptional rescue or evacuation means will be borne by the rescued person who will also have to ensure his return from the place where he has been evacuated. It is the sole responsibility of the runner to establish and submit a file to his personal insurance within the time limit.

If it is not possible to reach the race control station (PC course), you can call the rescue organizations directly (especially if you are in an "emergency only" zone).

Dial 112 from France, Andorra or Spain.

Remember that hazards of all kinds, related to the environment and the race, can make you wait for help longer than expected. Your security will depend on the quality of what you put in your bag.

It is emphasized that our races take place in the middle of very high mountains and that the telephone network is very often not available.


8. PICaPICA runner bag

The bags for the base camp must be dropped during the scheduled hours of the bib’s delivery at the Auzat gymnasium.

They will be at your disposal during your 2 passages at the base camp of Soulcem (orris du Carla).

Sticks in the runner’s bag are forbidden.

The bags can be collected on site or at the Auzat gymnasium after the closure of the base camp.

The personal bags of the runners at their arrival can be dropped during the bib’s delivery time at the Auzat gymnasium where they will be available on arrival of the race.

Runners bags will be provided by the organization and it is mandatory to use these bags.


9. Drink and food supply points

Assistance is only allowed at the supply points. Assistance at other places will be subject to sanctions.

Private assistance is limited to one person per runner with presentation of the badge provided during the delivery of bibs.

For PICaPICA, supply is available every 10 km. The details of the supply appear in the road-book.

For the Montcalm Marathon, water is available almost every 2 km and supply points with solid food are located every 4 km.

On the Novis Trail there are 12 pit stops and 5 on the Miners Trail.

2 supply points will be implemented on the VK (Vertical Kilometer). They do not include the one after the race. The runners could expect to find them on the climb.

For the mountain hiking, the supply points are common to those of the Montcalm Marathon.


10. Insurance

A civil liability insurance policy is subscribed by the Organizing Committee. Participants in the different races are recommended to subscribe to an additional specific individual insurance.


11. Ranking and Awards

The ranking of the races will be according to the order of arrival of the competitors.

No ranking will be given to participants on the day of the event.

On the other hand, each competitor will be able to check his ranking on and will receive his ranking in the following weeks by email.

For the mountain hiking, there will be neither ranking nor certificate of passage to the peak.

All participants will receive a souvenir gift.

A meal will be offered to all runners after their arrival (except for the VK – Vertical Kilometer).

On top of that, the organization reserves the right to give special awards.

If a runner has to make several podiums on the same race (example: scratch + senior, ...), special Montcalm trophies will not be cumulated and will be given to the next runner in the category.

11.1 PICaPICA Awards

The first 5 runners in the "scratch", the first 3 men and the first 3 women, the 1st man and the 1st woman per category (espoir, senior, V1, V2, V3 and V4) provided that there are at least 3 participants per category.

Cash bonuses will be paid for PICaPICA.

All runners who finish the race will receive a “finisher” gift.

11.2 Montcalm Marathon Awards

The first 5 runners in the "scratch", the first 3 men and the first 3 women, the 1st man and the 1st woman per category (espoir, senior, V1, V2, V3 and V4) provided that there are at least 3 participants per category.

Cash bonuses will be paid for the Montcalm Marathon.

On the other hand, the organization reserves the right to give special awards.

11.3 Novis Trail and Miners Trail Awards

The first 3 men and the first 3 women, the 1st man and the 1st woman per category (espoir, senior, V1, V2, V3 and V4) provided there are at least 3 participants per category.

On the other hand, the organization reserves the right to give special awards.

11.4 Vertical Kilometer Awards

The first 3 runners in the "scratch", the first 3 men and the first 3 women, the 1st man and the 1st woman per category (espoir, senior, V1, V2, V3 and V4) provided there are at least 3 participants per category.

On the other hand, the organization reserves the right to give special awards.

11.5 Mountain hiking

The organization reserves the right to give special awards.

This race is without ranking in order to comply with the ethics of hiking.

11.6 Animations for the Children

For this children's animation, a parental authorization is essential.

All participants will receive a T-shirt and an award.

This race is without ranking in order to comply with the ethics of animations for the children.


12. Race suspension, modification or cancellation

The organizers reserve the right to change the routes, to temporarily suspend the race, to cancel the race until the last moment, in case of force majeure, to modify the race if the weather conditions do not allow to ensure safety.

In case of bad climatic conditions from the start, 6 fallback procedures are put in place on the PICaPICA and the Montcalm Marathon.

12.1 For the PICaPICA

  • Procedure 1: circuit without the peaks.
  • Procedure 2: circuit with altitude limit.
  • Procedure 3: refuges circuit.
  • Procedure 4: fallback to the Novis Trail route and low valley paths.
  • Procedure 5: full cancellation.
  • Procedure 6: suspension.

12.2 For the Montcalm Marathon

  • Procedure 1: circuit without the Estats peak.
  • Procedure 2: circuit up to 2900 pass.
  • Procedure 3: circuit up to the Pinet refuge.
  • Procedure 4: fallback to the Novis Trail route.
  • Procedure 5: full cancellation.
  • Procedure 6: Suspension.

In case of cancellation the organization does not refund the registration fees.


13. Trail markup

The markup consists of flags and ribbons with reflective parts.

Conditions in the mountains (herds, heavy winds, fog, etc.) or human intervention (markup removal) can lead to missing markup in some areas. It is therefore mandatory to have with you the GPS track in order to find your way as quickly as possible.

Our objective to avoid the risk of pollution leads us to markup in an eco-responsible way.

In case of bad weather, fog, rain, snow, it is recommended to form groups of runners, for obvious reasons of safety.


14. Penalties or disqualification

Race supervisors ensure the application of the rules and are entitled to give penalties or disqualification based on the behavior of the runners.

14.1 1-hour penalty

Assistance by a person not participating in the race outside the supply points.

14.2 2-hours penalty

The lack of a mandatory piece of equipment. Depending on the importance of the missing material in connection with the security, this penalty may be turned into disqualification.

14.3 3-hours penalty

In case of missing a checkpoint.

14.4 Disqualification

Non-assistance to a person in danger (injury, extreme fatigue, hypothermia ...).

Exit of the marked path leading to a shortcut.

Voluntary throw of garbage in the nature.

Lack of respect towards a member of the organization.

Non-compliance with the sports regulations (doping, cheating, ...).

Non-availability in your bag of a piece of mandatory equipment during the race start check.

If you give up the race without having returned your bib number to the organization, the research costs generated may be charged to you.

Any other violation of the rules, the sportsmanship or the ethics of the race, will be investigated by a race committee.

In case of assistance to a person in difficulty, a bonus may be granted.


15. ITRA Qualifying Points

The rankings of our races are available on the "Results" page of our site. They can serve as a reference for any other race that would need them and we can even send them by email if necessary.


16. Image right

All runners accepting the rules of the Montcalm Challenge races give their authorization to see their image used in the various Montcalm Challenge documents.



The registration implies the acceptance of the present rules in its entirety and the commitment to follow the instructions that will be given by the officials of the race.

The organizers cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for accidents, damages, losses or other theft that may be suffered by the participants, whether of their own doing or caused by others.

In the event of a claim or litigation, the French version of the rules is the only valid one.


18. Additional information

The Montcalm Challenge races take place in clean nature areas that must be respected. In the same way, the races go through zones of the National Park of the 3 Nations and are subjected to environmental constraints related to waste management, fauna, flora ... so thank you to stay on the marked trails.

The Tourist Office site of the “Pyrénées Ariégeoises” proposes to you offers for local accommodation in the surrounding valleys, both when you recognize the race and when you participate in it. The various partners who support us are at your disposal to provide you the best welcome.

A village of exhibitors is open to partners wishing to set up a stand dedicated to information, exhibition, sale ...

More than 450 faithful volunteers will do their best to ensure optimal race conditions … except for the  weather which can unfortunately not be controlled !

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